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Projector for Business Use

Information for HITACHI PJ MAN v7.23 (Projector Management Application)

Hitachi’s Projector Management Software (PJ Man) provides you the ability to control, diagnose & manage an individual or group of Hitachi projectors.

PJ Man’s advanced e-mail, reporting and scheduling capabilities help you to make the most of your investment.

Search, sort and view projector data via specific criteria.

Group and sub-group to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Compatible Models

  • ・Hitachi Projector Models with an embedded RJ-45 port
  • ・Hitachi Projector Models with Wireless Capabilities
  • ・All Hitachi Projector Models supported via RS-232C connection or via external Ethernet to Serial device

* Note -
PJ Man is not available for the CP-DX250 and CP-DX300 models.
PJ Man is not available with LAN connection for CP-WU13K.